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Here are some wonderful web sites that you may enjoy -- just click and take a look.
Southern Highland Guild        Home of the Southern Highlands Craft Guild:  a talented group of juried fine craftsmen
                                            from counties located in the southern Appalachian mountains. 
SNAG metal smith                The Society of North American Goldsmiths.
Arrowmont                            A wonderful place to take fine crafts workshops in Gatlinburg, TN
Penland.org/metals               Penland School of Crafts offers classes in metal techniques and other crafts.  
                                            Located in Penland, NC.
Julia Woodman                     A talented metalsmith who makes jewelry, goblets, ladles, etc.  Best known for her 
                                            tessilation pieces and workshops.
PackRat Painters                  A very creative group of artists who paint with oils and pastels, create pottery, and 
                                             design jewelry.

Rich Metcalf                         An excellent oil and pastel artist -- check out his work.